The title for this article is, I admit, misleading. Even though the rest of the fake news and media are reporting Trump’s executive order as a ‘ban’ on Muslims, I am going to call it out for what it really is-a temporary suspension of travel. I’m also going to explain why it is that this ban is essential to keeping the people of America safe, and why we need it in the UK as well.

First though, to understand the origins of the so called ‘ban’, it is necessary to look at Donald Trump’s campaign pledge. The now infamous statement back in 2015, proclaimed that a ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims’ was necessary until we [The United States] figured out ‘what the hell is going on’. Making this a key part of the Trump campaign, the Donald went on to win the election and try to implement his promise.

Fast forward to January 2017. President Trump had just signed his executive order preventing travel to the United States from 7 countries deemed to be a potential threat to the United States. This would only be for 90 days, until the US had implemented extreme vetting measures to ensure terrorists could not enter the country. The nations on the list were the following:

  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

The nature of the executive order is that it is NOT a ‘ban’, because it is not permanent. Therefore, it is by definition a ‘suspension’. Media organisations like the BBC should be ashamed of themselves for calling it a ‘ban’, but what do you expect from the BBC?


A criticism I often come across is that the executive order is deemed to be racist and unconstitutional, because it discriminates against Muslims, as all of the countries mentioned in the executive order are majority Muslim nations. After some thought (which liberals don’t seem to be capable of) it is easy to recognise that this is not a racist measure at all! NOWHERE IN THE EXECUTIVE ORDER DOES IT EVEN MENTION THE WORD ‘MUSLIM’. How the hell could it be designed to discriminate against Muslims then?! If it does not discriminate against any group of people, then it cannot be ruled as unconstitutional- maybe the corrupt judges should read what I’m writing!

In addition to this, Democrats and Liberals seem to forget that it was their beloved Barack Obama who identified these countries as high risk nations. It is ludicrous to claim that Trump left off countries like Egypt because the Trump Organization does business there- OBAMA IDENTIFIED THE NATIONS! I highly doubt Obama left Egypt off the list because he cared so much about the Trump family fortune! Nevertheless, it highlights that this is not a Muslim ban, because if Trump wanted to go after Muslims he would suspend travel from a country like Pakistan.

The widespread and pointless marches across the world by out of touch lefties, shows their complete hypocrisy. You see when Obama suspended travel for Iraqi refugees for 6 months (a longer period than Trumps 90 day suspension) I didn’t see any outrage back then?

Moving on- In my opinion the craziest idea in the whole debate is the one emanating from these judges who have thought it appropriate to override the President’s order. They did this saying that they needed ‘evidence’ of the threat these nations pose to American security. Are they even living on the same planet as the rest of us?

Take a look at one of the nations in particular, Syria. We have a big middle east problem (created by the Iraq War, I accept) and there are people there that want to kill us. In the Middle East, we have Isis, that want us dead. Europe swung the border doors wide open and look at the result. Nice, Paris, Cologne- need I go on? My point is that if the courts demand ‘evidence’ of danger to the US they better turn on the TV and hear about the Christians being persecuted and executed by radical fundamentalists, or about the moderate Muslims put to death. Look across the pond at Europe and see the carnage. Just a few days ago, it was announced the Eiffel tower is getting a protective screen around it, to deal with the terror threat. Why should we have to adapt our lives to appease the terrorists, when we could just keep them out?

Maybe the only time the judges will get it in their heads that certain people from these countries ARE a threat, is when innocent Americans are lying dead in the street. We cannot afford to wait for the evidence the judges want, because it will result in innocent deaths. An American Statute allows the President to indefinitely ban people from entering the United States if they are a threat to security, so the President is within his means to carry out this order.

A Poll from Chatham House (independent) showed that across European nations, most people favour this executive order.


We need it implemented here, to stop people flowing through our very weak swiss cheese borders- fast! And if there is a terrorist in the US from one of these 7 countries, then you have the courts to blame.


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