Division plagues the Labour Party. I would go as far as to say this is the biggest crisis Labour has ever faced since it was founded. Sure, the days of Michael Foot were grim for Labour but this is a larger threat. Corbyn is dragging Labour to the left backed by a mandate from party members- and he’s showing no signs of backing down.

We all thought it couldn’t get any worse for Labour after Corbyn was elected. They’d all settle down and rally behind their new agenda, we thought. Then Brexit happened, and Labour appears to be free falling into electoral catastrophe. It’s even worse than that though, because if you are going to lose an election based on your radical policies, you better hope that you had been backed up by your colleagues in the first place. Oh no, Corbyn’s colleagues are doing everything they can to derail his agenda. He is plummeting in the polls and with years to go before the next election, I have some radical advice for Corbyn:

  1. Get rid of your opponents!

I don’t make this comparison lightly (and in no way, am I comparing Stalin to Corbyn) but to cement your grip on power you must eliminate your rivals. Period-end of the story. You can see where this happened in history, Stalin purged society of potential threats and never lost power until his death.

  1. Purge your party- quick!

Time is ticking away, and the countdown to the next election should be forefront in the Labour front-benches minds. Corbyn, you need to get these rebels out of your party so they can’t sabotage you right up until election day. Divided parties lose elections. Bring in Corbyn Loyalists and oust the traitors, that way you can fight an election.

  1. Produce some actual policies.

Labour for too long has become a breeding ground for disgruntled public sector workers and moaning women. It’s time to stop complaining about what the world is like and start offering solutions. People need to remember that Corbyn needs to set up an alternative government. It’s no good bad-mouthing Donald Trump because you will have to work with him if you are Prime Minister, Jeremy!

4.Raise Money.

Everybody knows that money can sway an election, and Labour is having a hard time raising cash (apparently). Get fundraising, and start splashing the cash because you will need it if you are going to turn this dire situation around!

5.Get some of the media on board, just some!

The media hates you, Corbyn. The Mail, the Express, the Sun. The only Luke-warm paper is The Guardian, but who bothers to read that? Papers can switch allegiances but Labour just appears out of touch. Newspapers have to be ‘on their readers side’ and they can’t endorse Labour if the leader is seen to be weak and ineffective.

And finally, some last advice, change your Prime Ministers Question’s routine. It may be funny for me to watch you get mauled but it doesn’t help you win. Forget the ‘gentler kinder politics’, politics isn’t kind or gentle. Start playing to win, and do whatever it takes to beat your opponent. Nobody will remember you in 20 years’ time for being that nice politician who was terribly principled. You have to knock the hell out of the Conservatives, and for goodness sake stop reading out emails from ‘Jenny from Nottingham’ and ‘Dave from Leeds’. Nobody cares about your emails, they’re boring and don’t pack any punch. They don’t make an impact and make terrible social media soundbites. You must play to win, from now on!



  1. As Corbyn has himself been a ‘party rebel’ throughout his political career your suggestions are somewhat ironic!
    Unfortunately the Labour Party will be spending a significant time as a weak opposition no matter who the leader is.
    Corbyn is a ‘sitting duck’ leader who has now lost the respect many of those who supported him by imposing a false 3 line whip and creating more division. The next two bye elections should seal his fate but at least his time as leader has led to a realistic introspection on the real reasons why the Labour Party have lost major electorate support…a process which started long before the election of the accidental leader!


  2. Get rid of them they are Blairite right wing. They dont believe in democracy and need to go all those that voted against article 50 should be sacked


    1. They are not all Blairites and they do believe in democracy. Look at the SNP and the demise of Scottish Labour…the same thing will happen in the old industrial heartlands now and we will be a one party state for many years to come due to our undemocratic Parliamentary First Past The Post System.


  3. All those MPs that are labour that voted against article 50 should be sacked. They have gone against the constitution and dont believe in democracy. They have made it very hard for labour voters to ever vote for them again, so if they stay in as MPs for labour then labour will never win an election. Jeremy should change his stance on free movement of people. We should have control over our borders. The working class in the UK are fed up of the job market and feel they had better working conditions before we joined the E.U. 40 hour weeks with overtime at time and half. Working for a company and not an agency. Having now to work longer before retirement, when in Germany they retire at 55 years and have done for the past 30 years at least. Low pay because of the amount of low paid workers that come in from all over the world not just Europe.


    1. Wake up Sleepshy! This spoon fed comment exemplifies the polemic nonsense that ignores the major reasons for inequality and disadvantage. Most of ‘The Working Class’ have benefitted greatly from the protection of a single market while free movement from Europe alone has had a positive cost benefit to the UK economy. Your point about ‘the constitution’ is wholly incorrect. No matter what Corbyn does the LP are in for a long period of oppostion!
      Low paid workers coming from ‘all over the world’ will continue despite leaving the EU…’taking back control’ depends on who has the contol…and you can be assured it won’t be the you, me or the working classes!


  4. Corbyn has taken over the party and the establishment politicians are not happy about it. I think Corbyn should consolidate his authority, he has been elected and has a right to lead now. He is a bit of a sitting duck I agree, he needs to get tough or he’ll lose!


    1. Corbyn is a ‘very nice’ man but he is in an impossible position having made enemies of establishment poiticians and now many of those who saw his ‘new approach’ and shift away from New Labour as a positive force. He is now a spent force and the forthcoming bye elections will extinguish his noble but erroneous attemps to control the Labour Party.


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