The BBC Panorama show that exposed the problems with British prisons, highlights the bigger problem with our politics- incompetent politicians.

Liz Truss, a typical all talk, no action politician- is at the head of this scandal. Somehow though, she’s managed to absolve herself of all blame. Nobody is pointing the finger at her. WHY? I have a big problem with Liz.

Panorama uncovered that in HMP Northumberland drugs were commonly used and in frequent supply. One inmate didn’t even bother to hide his drugs, preferring to just have them left in a cupboard for prison guards to find. But the real problem is that the prison guards don’t control the prison anymore. The undercover footage on panorama showed the inmate telling the reporter to get out, appearing to threaten him in the process. Why is it that our prisons have become run by our criminals?

Liz Truss, the Justice secretary, has overseen cuts to the prisons budget, that has directly caused this problem. Lack of staff in these prisons has meant that the prison officers know they simply do not have the manpower to take on the prisoners. As a result, they are beholden to them. Disgrace!

We cannot allow, our criminals to rule our officers. Strength in the legal system starts with confidence in our prison system. It is not possible for judges to constantly send down criminals, allowing them to congregate in prison communities, exchange drugs, and watch telly in their cells. We need to get tough on our inmates.

Here’s how we fix this situation:

Fire Liz Truss for a start, she is incompetent. If this was going on, and all Liz can do is smile and tow the party line, then she shouldn’t be in government. Frankly I think Liz needs to spend less time sucking up to Theresa May and more time doing her job, which she’s very bad at. She only got appointed to make up the numbers of females in the cabinet, let’s be honest.

We also need to vastly increase our budget for the prisons. I’m all for balancing the books, but we cannot compromise the very foundation of our justice system. Cut the hell out of something else to compensate, but don’t endanger our prisons!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we need more prisons! Our prisons are full of criminals, and the number of inmates in each prison is too large. They can get together and form a mini army of criminals. This cannot be tolerated. Follow the old Victorian strategy of isolation, and have smaller prisons that are better staffed and less populated. That way, real attention can be given to try to rehabilitate these prisoners.


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