To me, Tony Blair is the obvious first choice. He was the worst Prime Minister in the history of our nation. Tony… was the worst. If you listen to Tony on Brexit, he would let everybody walk all over Britain, open borders and the entire world flowing through the nation. Under Tony Blair, the economy which prospered under Thatcher was exploited. While Tony Blair’s economic growth figures looked good on paper, it’s not that simple. Any old dummy can make the economy grow by massively inflating the public sector, hiring workers that aren’t needed to just to get employment figures up. Blair was a total spin doctor and a terrible leader. His speeches are awful, he can barely string a sentence together, and he did whatever he needed to do to get elected. His ‘third way’ was a disaster. It was a by-word for ‘abandon all principles and say anything for votes’. Now, this guy has the audacity to lecture us about Brexit ‘lies’. Well Tony Blair was the one who sat on Bush’s soldier like a parrot and took us into war in Iraq based on completely fabricated evidence. Tony Blair opened a can of worms in the middle east. Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama the co-founders of Isis- If you want to see the board of directors, look to Tony Blair and George Bush!


John Major very nearly came first, because he was such a failure. Major managed to put himself second solely because Tony Blair came out of his hole recently to denounce Brexit. I would really like to forget about Major, but sadly I can’t. He’s another one, a failed politician and weak leader that did nothing but deceive. Perhaps the worst thing Major ever did, was sign the Maastricht treaty. Major willingly handed over British sovereignty without the consent of the British people, and just gave it to unelected beaurocrats. He betrayed his own country and signed onto this ridiculous Pro-EU globalist agenda. In short, he was a puppet for other leaders, riding on Thatcher’s success and failing miserably. He is so weak, it’s just laughable and everybody knows it. John is also very disloyal, he knifed Margaret Thatcher in the back like a snake. After masquerading as a Thatcherite in the Conservative Party, he ditched her so fast it made people heads literally spin, very disloyal! Then he campaigned to say IN the EU even after his disastrous Maastricht deal. The heart of the problems with John Major is he has no back-bone. He got walked all over by everybody and even spent all his time having an affair! How could his mind be on the job, when he was distracted?! The Bill Clinton of British Politics, both of them didn’t care about their country, and frankly they are both a disgrace.



This one’s another disaster. Gordon Brown, the architect of the financial crisis and double dip recession. Brown pushed Blair out of his way, and assumed the role of Prime Minister- a big mistake. He has very bad judgement and in my opinion doesn’t have the stamina to be Prime Minister. Every time I looked at Brown I thought he was about to die! He lacked energy and even claimed to have ‘saved the world’ during Prime Ministers Questions. In all fairness, his heart was in the right place, but he was not cut out for the job. He put this country at risk because of his own political ambitions. He was not up to the job and even his own party thought his intense micro-managing was irritating. I’m sure he was a brilliant political operator, behind closed doors. But in the public, he lacked presence and was astonishingly poor at any kind of media management. He famously called a Labour voter a ‘bigot’ forgetting his mic was still on. The biggest problem for Brown however, was that he was just wrong on all of his policies. He was a moderately successful chancellor, but then became Prime Minister and tossed his money up the wall, by squandering it on the public sector. His philosophy: Fleece Private sector firms and keep the middle class public sector gravy train rolling. Unsurprisingly, he crashed the economy. I am truly surprised that he didn’t lose the 2010 General Election by more, if he was up against a strong candidate, he would have been killed at that election.


Britain is in a terrible position right now, that hopefully Theresa May can sort out. It’s amazing that the most recent succession of Prime Ministers, have been the worst in our history. There have never been leaders, as bad as this bunch. What a phoney group, failures!


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