‘POWER TO THE PEOPLE’ The Trump and Brexit Revolution

The New York Post headline ‘Power to the People’ after the Brexit vote, captures the new mood in politics. All around the world, the working class are throwing off the shackles and declaring they are now in charge.


Brexit and Trump came as a shock to the political establishment, pollsters, the media, and the entire apparatus of state. In no way, did they expect ordinary people to revolt against the established order and vote for change. The driving force behind these events, was anger at political insiders, and the whole political system. For too long, hard working voters have been ignored. Their concerns were shelved, and the interests of the intellectual elites were prioritised. The working classes in both Britain and America are at the heart of this revolt. People are tired of seeing jobs shipped overseas, tired of an increasingly left-leaning country, leaving the working classes behind. Globalisation pushed by wealthy CEO’s and super rich special interests, has not benefitted our working people.


I think people are tired of seeing politicians ruin this country, they aren’t in touch with their voters and they are consumed by the system they live in. Our government is mired with beaurocracy of its own creation. Ordinary people want change, that allows them to better their lives and thrive again. Politicians like to talk about change, but they rarely achieve anything. The truth is, they’re more interested in opinion pollsters than actual issues. Politicians don’t want to put their neck on the line, they won’t speak frankly about anything for fear of being politically incorrect. However, people are tired of political correctness. They’re tired of being told their concerns over immigration are racist, and tired of being labelled xenophobic or simply ignorant or uneducated. While many may be uneducated, it doesn’t make the world they live in any less real. The reality is, while millions struggle to make ends meet, the intellectual liberal class boast about how much progress is being made. They virtue signal about their progressiveness and they spout lies about anyone from the political right being racist, nasty, or stupid. The party system has allowed this to happen. Particularly the Labour Party, has abandoned its core working class voters, because they’d rather lobby for middle class votes to win elections. This leaves millions disenfranchised and dis-engaged.

 Brexit awoke those disenfranchised voters.

In short, Brexit voters see the politicians talk about how wonderful everything is and they’re wondering, am I in another world? Liberals create the view that everything is great, but for many people things aren’t great. The EU has imposed massive immigration on communities, but you daren’t speak of the negative aspects of immigration because the politically correct police will be there to hound you. The EU has destroyed the fishing industry in the North East, but don’t say anything otherwise Bob Geldof will be on the Thames again.  Anytime Great Britain is in trouble, the media celebrities and liberals don’t seem to care. After all, life probably isn’t so bad from their multi-million-pound mansion houses. But whenever another country needs help, like refugees from the middle east, the liberals are there straight away to bend to the will of others.

The Trump phrase ‘America First’ is what we need. It’s time to put our own people first again, banish the celebrities from making pointless political interventions. We need to priorities our own people. As an example, we send billions oversees in foreign aid. Yet we have homeless people on the street here? This is the kind of rebalancing that we need to do, scrap foreign aid and spend it on our homeless. Cut pointless environmental regulation to encourage the expansion of business and new jobs will pour in. Scrap vanity projects like the Syrian refugee programme, and invest in our military instead. We need all of these rebalances to turn this country around.


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