Brexit: Britain’s Great Escape

Very true!

S.E Politics

Contemporary liberals are depressed, and they claim they have many reasons to be. I mean who wouldn’t be dismayed with Nigel Farage’s success last June? Who wouldn’t be devastated at a sexist, racist (insert other ‘ists’) demagogue beating Madam President?  Well for the people who historically have hope & aspirations for a brighter future, liberals are on the other foot. Blair, Obama & Cameron (the PC brigade) all triumphed their castles in the sky, whilst leaving behind those who didn’t fit, but would of course still vote for them.

For the last generation globalisation has trumped progress, for globalisation is progress you fool! But for the 17.4 million Brexit voters, the 60 million Trump supporters and those across Europe described as ‘populist’ by the BBC, globalisation is a curse, a boat travelling so fast people are jumping overboard, and even worse being pushed off. Brexit & Trump are lifeboats…

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