Now that Theresa May has triggered Article 50, and the Brexit process is now underway, the EU has made clear its negotiation position. The EU wants the UK to pay a £50bn fine for leaving the EU, something they claim will cover the costs of Britain leaving arrangements that have previously been made- a stupid argument to make.

Britain has no need to pay this fine, and everybody knows it. We as a country, have paid into the system for 40 years, £350 million a week in gross terms while we’ve gotten peanuts back in return. The EU chucks us a few development grants and sticks placards up in deprived British cities, to remind the people that their European masters helped construct these pointless structures. However, the British people know what is really happening. EU bureaucrats are skilled at buying opinion, paying off the establishment and media so that the vast majority of mainstream voices, support the EU regime. Meanwhile, opposing views and Euro-skepticism are treated with contempt.

However, the EU buys opinion with our own money. When you see the money going into cities like Birmingham from the European Union, ask yourself this: Where did they get the money from? The truth is that we are a net contributor to the European Union, meaning we give the EU more money than we get in return. This has meant that British taxpayers have bankrolled wasteful European projects, and propped up socialist governments in the Mediterranean while the British people suffer.

Why should the British have to obey a strict policy of austerity, so that we can save enough money to give to Europeans who will carelessly spend it away? We have to tighten our belts, so that the European Unions ‘progressive’ madness can continue. My point being this, Britain has long been suffering a bad deal with the EU. We have paid our dues already. The reality is in fact, that Britain can launch a counter claim, of a trillion Euros for the wasteful practices of the EU. Remember the awful move from Strasbourg to Brussels every time the European parliament moves to vote? The taxpayer has funded the gravy train for far too long, and frankly, it’s time the EU buggers off.

We all know why they want our money. Its got nothing to do with any obligations we have to them. Its got everything to do with the fact that they want to use the UK as a cash-cow, because they are in deep financial ‘merde’ as soon as we leave. The gravy train is over, and they know its over. The project is on life support, and we the British people need to turn off the switch once and for all.

If the EU absolutely insists on pressing us for cash, maybe we should remind the Germans of how they never paid their war reparations from World War One? It was down to the good intentions of the British government at the time that we agreed write off these debts, yet the Germans won’t afford us this generosity now? France had its ass saved by Britain twice in the 20th century, and they want to punish Britain now? If they push this madness onto us, as far as I’m concerned the Europeans have lost an ally. We cannot continue to be taken advantage of by every country in the world, and changing our position in the world, starts with Europe. Theresa May should also seriously look at cutting of British intelligence co-operation with the European Union. If they want to cut off their noses to spite their faces, then two can play that game!

EU negotiator and EU federalist, Guy Verhofstadt,  wants a common European army. Never mind about the fact that this undermines NATO, just push ahead with the EU dream. This same guy, also said he hopes the EU will rejoin the EU some day, something that will not happen- he’s whistling in the wind. As with everybody involved in the European Project, the EU is clueless. This is why the EU will fail, countries will leave, people will rebel against it and the EU political class doesn’t even know that it is happening. We shouldn’t give any cash to a political union which is essentially a dead man walking, the EU is finished.out




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